“Everything presented on this web site is because of my very own research into the topic of the Piotrkrzystek . Simply because you see clearly here, aren’t seeing it the best truth. This can be a presentation of my very own personal research and conclusions, and that i encourage you to definitely read and focus it. However, in addition, be sure to be suspicious making your own mind. By no means is my intention to pressure my reality upon others. Quite the exact opposite I let the readers to complete his/her very own research on these subjects, and hopefully a few of the material presented here could be helpful for present and future references.”

This site increased to become huge database with an abundance of information that’s been published over a long time. It’s also the storyline of my very own journey from 1999-2009, after i stopped posting updates. Therefore, I request the readers to make use of their very own judgment when absorbing this huge library of knowledge, take what resonates and discard what does not.

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Within the plan of products, some mistakes every now and then doesn’t alter the picture in general, which website will hopefully open new doorways for that readers, to create their very own, further research on any subject introduced to light here.”