• For Doctors Only: Starting Your Own Website


    If you’re a doctor and you have your own clinic, you can use the Web to advertise your services. One way of doing that is to be listed in various online directories. But that may not suffice, and it may be a better idea to just build your own website (check some firm that do web design in San Francisco).

    Your website should contain the following elements:

    The Services You Offer

    It’s here where you can elaborate in detail what medical services you offer. You can also explain why people need these services, and how it can benefit them.

    So if you are a family doctor, you can describe all the basic medical services you offer. This includes checkups, and you can explain the benefits of getting regular checkups. Your website can also offer various articles on how patients can keep themselves healthy.


    Your website should contain all the information that patients would want to know about your clinic. So you need to present your address, and a map would be very helpful. Contact information such as your clinic’s phone number and email address should also be featured. Your business hours should also be published.

    You can also list information about health insurance, and it may be better to give potential patients a clear idea of how much your services will cost them.

    Your Expertise and Experience

    It’s always been a standard practice for doctors to hang their diplomas on their office walls. It gives them a sense of pride, and of course it is reassuring for patients to know that you actually graduated from a good medical school.

    On the Internet, you can expand on that idea. Here you can present in great detail exactly where you were educated and trained. You can also state how long you have been working as a doctor and what your specialty is.

    You can also list all of the awards you have received and you should also have lots of testimonials and reviews. Many potential patients choose doctors based on the recommendations of others, and testimonials and reviews assure them that you possess the skills and demeanor for the services they need.

    Keep in mind that you may not be the only doctor in your area. You need to emphasize details about you that imply that you are the best option for potential patients.

    Professional Look

    When patients come to you, they expect a clinic that’s clean, welcoming, and professional. These words should describe your website as well.

    Your website should look professional so that any doubts about your clinic can be assuaged. It can’t look cute unless if you’re a pediatrician. People should be able to navigate around your website easily, the fonts should be readable and authoritative, and the images you use should be informative yet attractive.


    You need to make sure that your website is optimized for search engines so that it comes up on the first page when people look up doctors in your area. You can also use social networking sites like Facebook, and you can put your website link on various directories for doctors.