Do you want a luscious long hair locks? However, you don’t have the time or the more aloof patience to wait around for year to grow them? Then look into trying Santa Cruz hair extensions! Hair extensions are natural looking hair!


    Hair extensions are trending everywhere and not just in Santa Cruz. From Hollywood to high school prom, having long or short hair extensions for special events can be a nice alternative. Althought, we can’t afford everyday to have them professionally sewed in or glued, temporary clip-in hair extensions are just great alternative. However, how do we  get them to look more natural and professional or even let it stay in your hair?

    If you want to wear your hair up or just want to add more volume to your ponytail, place “clip-in” upside down against hair roots (and underneath a layer of hair)  so no one can see it. Now, the hair extension is facing in the right direction.

    To pull off the hair extension look, take the end of your comb and section  hair into top and bottom layer then clip the top part up. Again, to avoid the hair extension from being seen by anyone, tease the spots near the hair root where the clips will go. Then place the hair extension in. To end it, continue pulling it up into the look you always wanted.